Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Woman's Plimsoll Line: an excerpt from my divorce memoir, "The Year of My Divorce"

September 30, 2010

I found an interesting article on the internet about a woman’s plimsoll line. I didn’t even know what a plimsoll line was until I read it. It’s a marked waterline on the side of a ship used by sailors to let them know when the boat is filled and can’t take on any more cargo.

If you look at a plimsoll line as the “last straw” or“crossing the line,” then this analogy works very well for women who are/were abused or victims of infidelity. I hit my plimsoll line this year. I couldn’t take on any more of his nonsense. My burden over the years accumulated and it became too great to bear. . .
Each woman's plimsoll line is unique. Each woman's burden is her own, to carry, or discharge if the line is breached.
I remember drawing that line, on the kitchen table, back in February. I told him, "This is the line. I am here. She is there, on the other side. You need to choose."
What I didn't know then was that the choice was really mine, and had been all along.

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